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PARAHITA SATITI | parah1ta.jalanjalanyuk.com
Cerita jalan-jalannya @parah1ta

PRADANA FITRA ZUMARIO | danazumario.tumblr.com
WORDGENIC: Peneman Kamu Kala Sendiri

PRADIKTA DWI ANTHONY | www.travellers.web.id
TravellersID: A Life Traveler

PRIMA HAPSARI | www.primahapsari.com
woman. travel. music. lifestyle. personal

PUNGKY PRAYITNO | www.pungkyprayitno.com
GALAKSI PUNGKY – a little universe where I share you, my messy yet proudly presented arts

PUTRI NORMALITA | www.putrinyanormal.com
Because Normal People Will Like Traveling


QUROTUL AYUN | www.ayuniverse.com
Ayuniverse: Tentang Langkah Kaki dan Perjalanan Hati


RAHAYU ASIH | rahayuasih.wordpress.com
Around Us

RANSEL KECIL | ranselkecil.com
Ransel Kecil

RAYYAN HARRIS | www.thebigsmallboy.com
The Cute Traveler: The Boy Who Packs and Leaves, On Vacation

The Uber Journey

REY MAULANA | blohisme.wordpress.com
BLOHISME – Travel Blogger & Instagrapher

RICHO SINAGA | www.richotraveling.com
Pack Your Bag

RIFAN FAUZAN | rifanfauzan.wordpress.com
pergikemana: Pengen Jalan-Jalan Aja, Bukan Traveler

RIFQI MOCHTAR LATIF | leisurelust.com
Get Lu(o)st in Every Journey

Catatan Perjalanan Seorang Geek! – Travel Blogger – Backpacker Indonesia

RINI | riniarr.wordpress.com
RINI dan cakrawala senja

RINTA DITA | malesmandi.com
Males Mandi: wherever you go, take a bath only when necessary

RISSAID | heyrissaid.wordpress.com

RIYANTI | ceritariyanti.wordpress.com
semua kejadian itu bukanlah suatu kebetulan

ROSA AMALIA SAFITRI | hoi-rosa.com
A Little Talk of Life


SABIL ADAM | sabiladam13.wordpress.com
SabilAdam13: Sebuah Perjalanan

SALMAN FARIS | www.bluepackerid.com
Bluepacker Indonesia

SANDI ISWAHYUDI | sandiiswahyudi.com
A lifestyle story teller

SANDRA BUANA SARI | www.mykidneybean.com
My Kidney Bean: Story about me, my family, & my baby

SARAH | iyahwalkingandseeing.blogspot.co.id

SATYA WINNIE | www.satyawinnie.com
Cerita Jalan-Jalan Seru Si Kaki Seribu

SHU TRAVELOGRAPHERS | www.shu-travelographer.com
a dreamer, Travelographer – Food Adventurer – Travel Blogger

SILVIANA NOERITA | www.silviananoerita.com
Insane Prodigy

SIMPLY INDONESIA | simplyindonesia.wordpress.com
Serpihan Kecil Indonesia

SINTIA ASTARINA | sintiaastarina.com
Indonesian Book and Travel Blogger

SITI HAJAR | idahceris.com
Langkah Baruku

SLAMET PARMANTO | parmantos.wordpress.com

SLAMET RIYADI | www.slamsr.com
Holiday Runner Blog

SOFYAN DAUD | sofyandaudgarasi.blogspot.co.id
Garasi Genta Oase

SRI ANINDIATI NURSASTRI | anindiati.wordpress.com
SASTRI: In Sanskrit, Shastri means “man of learning”

STEPHANIE BROOKS | travelwriter.ws
Travel Writer

STEPHANUS CHRISTIONO | www.maskris.co.id
Maskris Reviews

SUKMA DEDE | www.sukmadede.com
Everybody’s journey is individual. So, let the journey begin…

SUKMAN IBRAHIM | ayodolan.id
Ayo Dolan, Ayo Jalan

SWASTIKA NOHARA | lifetimejourney.me
Life is the coffee, while jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life, and do not change the quality of life.

SYAIFUL AZHARI | virginmojito.wordpress.com
Eat, Pay, Repeat – Here, There, and Everywhere

SYIFNA | gatedelhi.wordpress.com


TAUFAN GIO | disgiovery.id

TEKNO BOLANG | lostpacker.com
Lostpacker: get Lost, Shoot and Share

TEUKU AMIRUL MUTTAQIN | zamerseven.wordpress.com
The Archaic Path

THE ADVENTURE JOURNEY | advjourney.com
Don’t Forget To Lock Your Home, Let’s Make A Journey, Feel Free Like Adventurous – Indonesian Adventure Blog

THIRDEYEMOM | thirdeyemom.com
Traveling and experiencing the world with a third eye

TIMOTHY W. PAWIRO | mixedupalready.com
Mixed Up Already: A site mix with travel stories and more

TITI AKMAR | titiw.com
sekedar share, kita kan care…

TRAVELING PRECILS | travelingprecils.blogspot.com
The best time to travel with kids is now

TRAVELING TALES | travelingtales.com
Online Travel Magazine

TRINITY | naked-traveler.com
The Naked Traveler

TUTEH PHARMANTARA | tuteh-pharmantara.blogspot.com
BlogPacker: I Write My All

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